HALLO. My name’s Jenny and I live in Manchester, UK.

I like British horror films from the 1950s/60s, trashy crime documentaries/podcasts, the history of polar exploration, forks with LONG prongs and line drying my washing.

I am also very keen on cross stitch and embroidery and I’m learning to use a sewing machine. It’s hard.


I blog about all sorts.

Vegan food and cooking, vegan products and lifestyle in the UK, my dog, my life, mental health issues, crafting, or whatever takes my fancy.

I am passionate about intersectional politics, intersectional veganism, body positivity AND fat positivity. Check out my Big Fat Vegan Zine project!

You might see my pooch, Vulpe, make an appearance every now and then. She has emotional problems and is absolutely bonkers, but I love her like crazy.

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