Vegan MOFO 2016: Rainbow Week (and some chilli/sesame tofu)

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It’s RAINBOW WEEK folks, and I’ve been holed up indoors the past few days with a lurgy and a half. I am quite feeble of health at the moment so it’s really hit me, and I’m just starting to regain some senses and feel a little more human. Thank you all for your lovely comments on my last post; I am slowly battling through various health problems and my own laziness to return to (vague) normality!

While I couldn’t really taste anything I took advantage and piled on lots of hot chilli to pretty much all m’food just to help show this bad cold the door. I made this colourful chilli and sesame tofu with rice noodles yesterday and wanted to share with you guyz.


I chopped and pressed the tofu, then put it into an ovenproof dish along with sesame oil, smoked paprika, chilli flakes, salt & pepper and sesame seeds. I baked the tofu for around an hour and served it up with rice noodles, broccoli and chopped spring onion.


This was part of a little ‘What I Ate’ vlog that you can catch over on YouTube if you so desire.



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