Vegan MOFO 2016: Treat yourself! (to dinner at Zizzi’s)

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I’m slightly out of whack with these daily themes so far, my Mofo friends, but I wanted to include the recent trip to Zizzi that Emil and I took. We wanted to try their new menu and carb ourselves into heady, bready oblivion. We’d heard there was a dessert calzone in town and we both wanted to check it out.



Of course we’ve long known now that Zizzi is a friend to the vegans with their allergen menu and super delicious Mozzarisella topped pizzas, but they’ve now taken their offerings up a notch with a restyled bruschetta and new pasta dishes, as well as the above-mentioned dessert excitement….


I’ve always been a fan of a decent bruschetta, and I’m glad Zizzi have added garlic and onion to their tomato topping. It’s not a hot/cooked one, but the bread is warm and very tasty indeed, so it works on the overall. I enjoy the unashamed oiliness of it all, which isn’t quite approaching Jamie Oliver levels, but is indulgent enough to be Just Right.


In the interest of science, I bravely declined to partake of a main course pizza, and instead tried out the lentil ragu. I opted for extra artichokes and mushrooms and it was a very tasty main indeed. Naught but a thumbs up from this pizza fan.


But what of dessert? Both Emil and I opted (like any grown human person of right mind would) for the coconut/chocolate gelato topped dessert calzone, which did not disappoint. A soft doughy exterior, a molten banana centre with the occasional crunch of a caramelised pecan, and the intermittent bit of tart (blueberry). I could have snorted one up each nostril and been ready for more. Top marks, Zizzi.

Tonight Mr SB and I plan to treat ourselves to fajitas, with at least one exciting ingredient new to the vegan market (no, it’s not Gary) and so that might inform tomorrow’s blogging a bit.

I hope you’re all enjoying Mofo 16! I plan to try and visit as many blogs as I can this weekend. I’m obviously super bummed that Emil isn’t taking part (his themes are LEGENDARY) but I hope I might have persuaded him to do one or two blogs in honour of the season, if not a full 30.

Happy weekend, friends.



11 thoughts on “Vegan MOFO 2016: Treat yourself! (to dinner at Zizzi’s)

  1. I’ve heard quite a few people saying how good Zizzi’s menu is for vegans, so clearly I’ve got to haul my ass down there and fill my face with the dessert calzone. To be honest, I’d probably skip the main and go straight for three courses of that!


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