A week in photos, and some recipe crushes

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My blog friends, it hasn’t been the best week or two for my very feeble mental health. I’m not entirely sure of the source for this slump, but I haven’t been too successful at getting out and about, cooking splendid food or other standard adult human activities. I really ought to be hoovering and preparing lunch for my super friend Emil right now, but why commit to such sensible endeavours when there’s sitting at the computer listening to throwback music and doing pointless blogging? Why indeed!

Before I treat you to a week’s worth of photographic silliness, how about some recipe crushes? I am glad to start stockpiling lots of lovely autumnal ideas because I know that pretty soon the veg box is going to be stuffed full of root veg and apples……

I got a new tattoo and was brave as usual….. Thanks OF COURSE to the super lovely Hannah at Rain City who always indulges my silly requests perfectly.




See how brave I am? *strong arm emoji*

I’ve been trying to keep on top of my studies but the past week has been a total bust. I had a great conversation or three with the wellbeing team at my Uni, and they’re lining up some support for me, but it won’t happen immediately so I’m just kind of hoping I won’t eff things up too badly for the time being LULZ.


I toddled over to visit Emil earlier this week, and finally got to meet his super cheeky kitty cat Kobi. He also whipped up a DELICIEUSE pumpkin risotto and maple nutty Quorn chick’n fillet yes pls.




On my way to Emil’s I came across this tremendous haunted house, which I’ve seen before in the past but it’s really looking SUPER creepy these days.


Some nice walkies were had yesterday, though my pooch fell into fits of terror as we passed near to a chap playing the saxophone. A little dog-carrying did, therefore, take place *eye roll*.





I think the saddest vegan-related news of late has been my cancellation of my trip to London to attend the ‘pro intersectional’ VegFest event at the end of this month. The line-up of speakers is a one-off, and is made up of a really special collection of folks. But the curse of being in The North strikes again and I really don’t have the funds to take a weekend trip to London right now. I am double disappointed to miss the chance to meet the amaaaaaazing Vegan Warrior Princesses themselves. You guyz, if you can get to London to take part in this stuff you should, I am pretty sure it will be fantastic.

For now, I will wish you all a bearable week ahead. Try not to take Monday too hard!


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