Beer Festivals and Making New Friends

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It’s been a hectic couple of weeks here at S-B Towers; I’ve been madly trying to prepare for the second year of my Anthrozoology MA, and also gearing up to starting a New Job (Again). Both begin on the same day, so as usual the planets aligned and made September the busiest month. At least this year Vegan MOFO has moved to November which slightly ups my chances of successful participation. We shall see! As usual I will be keeping a close eye on my good friend Emil’s blog, as he never fails to sacrifice himself for the occasion.

For the past week we’ve been glad to host Ryan of T.O.F.U. Magazine. Ryan’s just started a big ol’ global tour of Here, There and Everywhere, and hopefully his week in Whalley Range didn’t hamper his enthusiasm too much! T.O.F.U. is a really great publication and you can buy back issues online; I’d really recommend checking it out, there’s some excellent content.

Ryan’s visit preceded his weekend of helping out at the Vegan Beer Fest here in Manchester, at the totally splendid Islington Mill (we went to a zine fair there not long ago), and of course C and I toddled along for a nice quiet Sunday afternoon of beer and grub.


Knowing what a pair of old folks we are, and what with Vulpe spending each Sunday with her Dad, I chose to avoid the Saturday and leave that to the young ‘uns. We turned up at lunchtime today and there were a few folk milling around, but it was pleasantly not-too-crowded (I find myself becoming more intolerant of Other People these days; too much sensory input really overwhelms me after an hour or so). I absolutely stuffed my face with delicious goodies from Manchester’s own V Revolution and Mother May, and with sweets from Essential Vegan. There were enough beers for me to sample a few pale offerings, and for C to try out multiple DARK stouty specimens, as is his wont….












Above is a cheeky extra shot of Salford Cathedral. The venue for the beer fest was actually a fairly short distance from my new place of employment (as of tomorrow, that is). I am returning to the safe embrace of higher education, making the most of my skills and experience and contributing to a great team that aims to keep the quality of teaching in taught programmes at a high level, and to persuade crusty old academics to embrace new learning technologies and use innovative teaching methods. After a disappointing few months at the (not so) dream job, I am glad to be returning to something I know.

C starts his MSc tomorrow, and so it’s a week of new beginnings. I wish the very best of luck to all of you beginning or returning to study this week! Remember to follow Vulpe’s advice and get some relaxation time in….



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