Kind of exciting vegan BBQ ideas

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C and I have been back in lovely south Manchester for a coupla weeks or so now. Last weekend we wandered into nearby Chorlton to meet up with my parents for lunch, and I spotted these beauties in a charity shoppe….

Sweet Mandarin has a restaurant in Manchester and I’ve heard that they have vegan options, so this book caught my eye. As it goes, it’s pretty packed with meat, but with suggestions for making recipes dairy and egg free (as well as gluten free) I decided it would be well worth buying anyway, since meat is easily replaced with tofu/mushrooms/seitan/tempeh/etc.

(Oh and I’m totally building up a GREAT collection of awful/retro cross stitch books they are super duper and I want to cross stitch a bonsai tree.)

Since we’re having a proper ~heatwave~ at the moment we busted out the BBQ the other night, and I took inspiration from the Sweet Mandarin book to create some tasty ginger & spring onion mushrooms….

I made a marinade and tossed some chopped chestnut mushrooms and spring onions with it, then threw the whole lot on the BBQ nestled in some foil.

Have you tried this before? It proper works, whatever you want to cook. I recommend it!

I also double-nutted up with this super peanut tofu from Unicorn (our local vegan grocery store) and some of Aldi’s finest satay sauce….

YES INDEED, THIS WAS ALL VERY TASTY. We served with basmati rice and coleslaw, perhaps winning the ‘inappropriate sides’ award 2016?

Vulpe did a good job of sitting near the BBQ looking very concerned. WHY U MAKE FIRE?

And I enjoyed a tremendously refreshing strawberry beer and I nearly wrote ‘strawberry bear’ there by mistake.

So there it is. What’s your favourite BBQ type food? Do you like to do anything weird or interesting on the coals?

Here’s another shot of Vulpe continuing to look concerned once we’d stepped back inside the flat…..

Happy hump-day folks!


9 thoughts on “Kind of exciting vegan BBQ ideas

    1. Thanks, I thought so too! I was tempted to blend the satay sauce with peanut butter but thought that may have been just a teeny step too far…… (*regret*)


  1. That all looks seriously delicious. I want to eat it all!
    I have a little BBQ, but I hardly ever use it. I really need to get back out there now that things are warming up a bit, but before they get too hot. On a sweltering hot and humid Brisbane summer, BBQ is actually the last thing I want to do. I prefer to stay inside in the air conditioning. But the weather would be pretty good for it now!

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    1. Yeh I think that on very hot days, stuffing burgers in my mouth doesn’t always sound appealing, but I purposefully avoided loads of carbs this time and it worked out pretty well! A nice cold glass of beer/pop helps enormously too 🙂 (Oh I’m sure our Northern England ‘hot days’ pale in comparison to your Brisbane summer days but we like to make the most of anything over 16 degrees 😀 )


  2. I not only have BBQ envy, I am super envious that your local grocery is Unicorn – a very cool place! I’m also fairly jealous of the Sam Smiths, to be honest – have you tried the apricot one of those beers? It’s delicious!

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    1. Ooh I haven’t tried apricot but I’ll give it a go! I am super lucky being close to Unicorn now, and extra lucky that my pal Emil ( works there so sometimes he brings us goodies 😀


  3. Okay there is too much greatness in this post! Firstly a cross stitched bonsai tree sounds awesome – I might need to get you to make an extra one for me! Secondly your marinated mushrooms look amazing, I’m always too lazy to throw anything other than burgers & sausages on a BBQ but I clearly need to up my game. Thirdly, PEANUT TOFU! What?! Finally, I can never get over how adorable Vulpe is! Who did the doggy portrait? It’s rad!

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    1. Yeh, the peanut tofu was super! And obviously needed *more* peanut 😀 Aw Vulpe’s portrait is by an artist called Lili Chin. She does loads of great positive training resources and infographics too. I treated myself to the portrait when she had a 4 July sale a couple of years back and I’ve never regretted it 🙂


  4. That portrait of Vulpe is great! I’ve never seen peanuts infused into tofu before, I reeeeally need to get a little hibachi bbq especially after that shot of your marinated mushrooms!


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