You Guyz! Super lovely vegan greeting cards!

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So there is a lovely vegan lady on Twitter, Emily, that I’ve occasionally chatted with for the last couple of years. She is a mega talented illustrator and asked me a little while back about my opinion on vegan-themed greeting cards. Obvs I thought that was a SUPER idea and she’s only gone and done it! Check it out folks….

Uhhhhhh how flipping adorable are these? Emily has 8 cards in the range at the moment but maybe if we all buy lots and tell our friends, she’ll expand the range and/or make some other lovely goodies for us all….

The cards are printed using vegetable inks on recycled card and come in a biodegradable wrapper so they are basically just superhero-level eco-friendly cards.

Emily is a total peach, just the loveliest lady, and this is a great way to support an independent vegan artist. You can check out her shop on Etsy here.

Make sure to send Emily any feedback or special requests on Twitter!



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