Easter Goodies, Vegan Pizza and A Day Out

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How was your Easter, my bloggums chums? I sure hope you had a good one, ate bucket loads of food and felt suitably ill when it was time to go back to work/school/real life on Tuesday.

I decided everyone should be included this Easter and made some little treats for the birdies. Of course, you could use any kind of mould whatsoever (even a small bowl or tupperware; anything that won’t leak!)

Really, all I did was melt down some coconut oil and pour it into little egg moulds that I’d filled with sunflower seed hearts, like so….

I left these outside overnight and all were gone by the morning; I have a sneaky feeling the magpies pinched them all as I saw one loitering by my makeshift bird table, but hopefully some of the little ones got some too.

On Good Friday I planned to take my beloved (pooch) on an adventure to nearby country park, Daisy Nook. This is only a 5 minute bus ride away and I naively thought it’d be nice and quiet for Vulpe, who is a dog with serious social anxiety. Alas, it was FAIR DAY, but Vulpe coped pretty well nonetheless. Behold, brave majestic pupper! Please do go ahead and click to embiggen.

The full album of dog/duck/swan snaps can be found here.

And finally, hasn’t the whole world and their dog already been to Zizzi to sample their new vegan menu? I think so! But I only just toddled along for the first time yesterday. They are using MozzaRisella in place of dairy cheese, and essentially just offer one vegan pizza (margherita) for £7.95 with additional toppings available at 80p each. I went for caramelised onion, field mushrooms and spinach. Yes, it was good. I also had some jumbo sized olives which were okay.

They also offer a bruschetta to start, and some sorbets and a couple of other pud options. The pizza was DELICIOUS, the base was splendid. They offer a gluten free option too. I think I would prefer the option of saying “x pizza but with vegan cheese”, but make-your-own is good too. This is super good news for those of us dining out with friends or who need to suggest a chain option. Plus, if you have a wee Google you can usually find a voucher pretty easily; I got 20% off the pizzas without having to try too hard. We paid about £27 for olives, two pizzas and two beers.


Have you checked out Zizzi yet? What do you think? Did you eat lots of chocolate for Easter?


6 thoughts on “Easter Goodies, Vegan Pizza and A Day Out

  1. your colored carrots are so beautiful! and I love the picture of your doggie’s reflection in the water. ❤ how beautiful. I'm so glad I found your blog! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you! I was impressed by the carrots too; a lucky veg box jackpot last week 🙂 Haha I nearly fell in the canal getting that shot of Vulpe looking at her reflection but it was worth it!


    1. Haha they probably are human-edible, but not very tasty! The birds seem to enjoy anything encased in coconut oil so next time I get a cheap batch I’ll definitely make more goodies 🙂


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