Handmade Burger Co. (and building furniture and make-up WANTS!)

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C and I had a rare dog-free evening last night, so I grabbed a Veganuary voucher and we headed off to the Handmade Burger Co. for our dinner. There are four labelled vegan options in the veggie section, and sides are labelled if vegan too.

We decided to choose two different burgers and half ’em, so we could both try a couple. We went for spinach & lentil and chickpea & quinoa, but the spinach and lentil was out of stock. So we ordered the cajun veg instead and hilariously (not so much) ended up with two cajun veg burgers anyway, which we pointlessly shared……

Photo 10-02-2016, 17 56 23

Photo 10-02-2016, 18 05 06

Photo 10-02-2016, 18 05 23

Photo 10-02-2016, 18 05 16

Photo 10-02-2016, 18 05 30

I gotta say, these were no V Rev burgers. The rosemary salted chips and sweet potato fries were tasty, and we were given a doll-house sized portion of ketchup to go-with. The burgers were nice enough but pretty uninspiring really; I’m glad we didn’t pay full whack for these! I kinda wish I’d snuck in some Violife so I could’ve added a slice before chomping……

In more exciting news, I got to do one of my favourite things in all the world last week: BUILD IKEA FURNITURE. Since C just properly moved in, we’re trying to juggle space in a reasonably wee house, so I grabbed this super handy KALLAAAXXXXXX unit.

Two persons required? I don’t think so.
Vulpe NEVER helps.
Ta daaaaa!

I was pretty super proud of myself for getting that done before dinner time. YAS.

I’ve also been spending a lot of time lusting over more vegan make-up stuff too, and have inevtiably started a wee wishlist. At this rate I’ll need to invest in some manner of make-up cabinet or tent to support my blossoming habit…… Do you have any vegan beauty MUST haves?

I think I need to get busy buying anything that promises ~illumination~ for my face because I’ve been feeling Teh Snooze quite a bit this week, sneaking off to beddy bies at shamefully early hours. It’s just so warm in there and I can read my book. Wahhhh! Yeh anyway this is pretty much what my face has looked like lately…….it needs some illuminating…..

And how about my new books? Bargain purchase from a recent graduate of my current MA programme 🙂

I sure hope yous are all having a lovely week!


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