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Recently, here in Manchester, an event popped up on the ~vegan grapevine~ (Facebook group) at a city centre Tampopo branch: a taster event by Jackie Kearney to promote her new book, Vegan Street Food. Tickets were only £20 and included a glass of fizz on arrival, and that seemed like a pretty flipping good deal to me. I guess it seemed like a good deal to everyone else because tickets sold out in NO TIME. A second night was announced, and tickets disappeared similarly swiftly. Luckily, my lovely friend Vicki and me managed to snag tickets, and here’s what we sampled…..

Overall the food was delicious if A BIT FLIPPING SPICY HOT. The BBQ tofu was ~heaven~. We both decided we could eat a whole plate of that stuff, along with noodles or soy saucy jasmine rice. The other starters were a bit curious for us…..the crispy puri balls were interesting, but perhaps a bit heavy on the coriander and/or mint for me. The coconut rice balls with accompanying hot & sour soup for dipping certainly sounded promising, but the soup was not very warm, and the rice balls were warm on the outside and cold and a bit gelatinous in the middle. We stuck with our BBQ tofu and grabbed seconds as soon as we could.

Photo 27-01-2016, 21 12 57

My favourite main was probably the yellow dal, which was tremendously tasty when mopped up with a bit of flaky roti bread. The trio of mushrooms were swimming in a soy/agave sauce and since Vicki and I are both HUGE fans of salt, this was a winner. I enjoyed the kale salad though Vicki was less keen. The jackfruit curry looked and tasted pretty lovely, but holy fire of hell was it HOT. We literally couldn’t manage more than a bite or two before Sensation became Pain and I had to stick my tongue in a glass of water for 40 seconds.

Unfortunately the lettuce wraps never reached our table, but actually we were completely stuffed by the end anyway. Thankfully we had plenty of beer on hand to soothe our molten tongues.

Photo 27-01-2016, 20 18 37

All in all I thought this was an excellent way to showcase the book. I feel like I might buy it for the BBQ tofu and dal alone. I’d love to try the jackfruit curry without quite so much FIRE involved, too. Vicki and I decided that we would like to experience an event like this for EVERY VEGAN COOKBOOK EVER. We understand this is unlikely to happen (particularly in the North West of England) but we can dream, right?

Have you bought this book yet? What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Vegan Street Food cookbook taster event

    1. It would be like some sort of dream! It is lovely to see the dishes as they were meant to be, though. As I said to my friend “this is what I will NEVER achieve at home” 😀


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