Moving Day, bathtime, and one sick kitty

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What a weekend, folks, WHAT. A. WEEKEND. Saturday afternoon C was due to arrive in a big ol’ van to officially move in with Vulpe, Miaowski and me (although he has to go live back in Bristol for two weeks to finish up with work). I proper Did A Tidy on Saturday morning, put the champers in the fridge and started prepping a lovely Isa Does It dinner.

I’m one o’ them folks who will do almost anything to get out of helping you to move house. I hate it SO MUCH. You pretty much have to be the kind of person I would bequeath stuff to in my will in order for me to lift boxes for you. Plus, having had an implant implanted into my inner arm just days earlier……..this does not make me more keen to carry boxes. So I guess I must like C a LOT, because I carried and carried and carried.

We already had a plan to sit down, drink booze, eat dinner and then go to bed heinously early in order to get up early Sunday A.M. and unpack. I had a super bottle of (vegan) French champagne and made pesto spaghetti with roasted cauliflower and rosemary breaded tofu.

That just about finished us off for the night, and we did some pretty decent unpacking on Sunday if I say so myself (I gave up first, though I did bake cakes, so hopefully that mitigates things somewhat……)

I guess all that box-carrying affected my old bones a bit, because I was feeling a bit stiff and ready for a hot bath on Sunday night. I was pretty excited to try out another of these super lovely bath melts from Vegan Harmony

My first thought was that these guys look pretty teeny tiny. But I tell ya, I have a big ol’ corner bath and they made it smell loooooovely, and I could feel the melty moisturising-ness in the water for sure. Be sure to scrub out your tub not longer after, though, to avoid any oily residue 🙂 The vanilla & coffee bean was particularly comic when, as I prepared to rise from my warm, foamy cocoon, I spotted little black floaty things in the water and thought I was being set upon by a small coffee bean insect plague. BUT THANKFULLY NOT!

If a nice bath was to soothe me on Sunday evening, one thing that did NOT soothe me was my old lady kitty Miaowski, who wandered into the living room early evening with a face that for serious looked like Rocky, end of film 1. (Maybe a bit less victorious.) Something was VERY wrong with the right side of her face, and since she’s pretty ancient, I was a bit worried something had popped or slipped or otherwise stopped working in her old-lady cat face/brain, so I scrambled to get a vet appointment on Monday.

Here’s a thing about Miaowski: she is around 20 years old (best guess) and is absolutely BRAZEN when it comes to flirting with men. Absolutely shocking behaviour for her age, but she’s always been that way. Seeing a male vet was no exception. She purred so loudly at him that he couldn’t take a proper heart rate reading. Other than that, she was issued with an antibiotic injection, an anti-inflammatory injection and some more medication to take at home. Hopefully it’s just a big ol’ gross eye infection and nothing in her teeth/gums (or more sinister). She’s due back in at the end of this week for her date night check up with the vet again.

She was being uncharacteristically snuggly last night so I can only assume that she was feeling rather sorry for herself, despite her consistently stoic demeanour.

Photo 25-01-2016, 18 45 28

Get well soon Miaowski!!


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