Ritzy vs. Reasonable: Shea Butter Shower Gel

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Gratuitous pooch shot. She's trying to do GROWLY FACE.
Gratuitous pooch shot. She’s trying to do GROWLY FACE.

OK GUESS WHAT YOU GUYS. So I am totally crazy about the new shower ~foams~ from Superdrug. I really hope these products stick, and they don’t just disappear after a few months (remember that haircare line they had that was brilliant? In those tall blue bottles? I loved those, and then they just went and vanished….)

Anyway. I’ve been loving the shea butter foam in particular. It proper foams up and doesn’t just end up dripping down your wrists mid-lather, or glob onto your skin like a…..globby thing as you furiously try to turn it from glob into foam as quickly as possible, so half of it doesn’t go down the drain. Am I the only one who struggles with this? Is there some showering 101 stuff I have totally missed out on? I mean, I am actually a big fan of bars of soap I have to admit. Shower gel just seems like so much trouble to me. But when it’s READY FOAMED that pretty much convinces me. It’s a nice, thick creamy foam too, a bit like shaving foam.


It’s foamy and smells like vanilla pudding and it lasts a LONG TIME and costs £1.99. Top marks!

But, there I was in 8th Day earlier this week and I spotted a fancypants shea butter shower gel on sale. I can’t remember what I paid but the RRP is £5,95.


I really wanted to like this, I REALLY DID. But you know what, it did all those things I don’t like a shower gel to do. I’m pretty sure about 67p worth has already gone down the drain because I couldn’t get it lathered/slathered quickly enough. It kinda smells…..fake. NOT LIKE PUDDING. I just want my showers to smell of pudding. Doesn’t everyone deserve that?

So there we are. I love that Organii are producing lovely vegan friendly bath/shower products but I have to side with the cheapo option this time. I am being especially kind to my skin at the moment because I went and had a nexplanon implant shoved in me earlier this week. I know the whole flipping world has one of these and I’m being a big bawling baby, but it stings afterwards you guys 😥

If you wanna see my ouchie, just click past the jump……and if you really want to freak yourself out, just search #nexplanon on Instagram 😥 (Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

To me this looks like a deep sea creature with steri-strip tentacles.
To me this looks like a deep sea creature with steri-strip tentacles.

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