Vegan Taco Night, and Dinobroidery (feat. very clingy dog, and snow, and new tattoo)

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I’m still feeling a little bummed that I haven’t gotten a copy of The Taco Cleanse yet. I guess I’ll have to start my cleanse in February? But Hasta La Vegan and I didn’t let that stop us planning a taco night this past weekend, and neither did an attack of the sniffles that (mercifully) faded into nothing by this morning. Maybe I’m getting my vegan superpowers back since I’ve been having these B12 injections? Let’s hope so! As you can tell by my Snapchat spam, I was pretty excited…..

I took inspiration from my all-time favourite cookbook, Appetite for Reduction. This is an odd choice for me because you could say, arguably, that it’s a ‘diet’ cookbook. But the recipes are SO good, and use lots of lovely fresh produce, herbs and spices, etc. I never feel like I’m missing out, and I take Isa’s point (made in the book’s intro) that her previous books were often swimming in oil, or focussed on sugary desserts. In fact, on Friday night I had a massive craving for something with lots of vegetables in (I’d eaten a whole packet of Ritz crackers and a share-size bag of Starburst at work…..oops). I made the Bistro Broccoli Chowder and it was tasty indeed……

But back to tacos! I felt giddy with joy when I realised I had a treasure trove of dried beans in the cupboard, and a couple of courgettes in my veg box, waiting to fulfil their purpose. I homed in on the Black Bean, Zucchini and Olive Tacos recipe. I threw all my dried beans, along with some dried lentils, into the slow cooker and cooked them on low for around 5 hours, before I used them in this recipe. I also cooked up some beans and mushrooms with fajita spice, as a secondary filling.

I made a basic salsa using fat ripe tomatoes, white onion and lime juice and salt. We also had chunks of avocado, some grated Sheese and crispy lettuce and chopped spring onions.

Emil brought over some corn tortillas (as well as lots of other yums!) and despite being a fajita addict, I managed NOT to overfill. A pretty big achievement. And despite all the tacos we inhaled over a period of an hour or so, we did so much honking and squawking and other sorts of hysterical guffawing while we were watching Grizzly Man (sorry TT 😦 ) that I’m pretty sure we sped up our metabolisms sufficiently to move onto this outrageously gratuitous dessert option…..

Please, allow me to walk you through this image…… We have vanilla ice cream, caramel pudding, cinnamon sugared pecans, chocolate chips and Rocky Road slices. No further comment needed.

I spent almost all of my Sunday with season one of the Serial podcast blaring while I did a little housework and a little embroidery. I’d bought myself a little laptop table and a hobby/craft lamp, and since Vulpe was out with her Dad, I thought I’d stitch me up a wee dinosaur.

This also seems like the BEST time to show y’all my new tattoo (new-ish, I had this one done just before Christmas…….)

Speaking (earlier) of the pooch……… Holy moly, she was the Clingiest Dog of the Year on Friday night. She lay on my chest on the couch for around 2 hours, then when we went to bed she cried and cried if I didn’t maintain constant face-rubbing (this made reading…..impossible, but she’s adorable so that’s ok). By the time she fell asleep I was ready to doze off too.

HOWEVER. She was making the best faces ever on Saturday night, and was super excited to see a sprinkling of snow on Sunday morning, so all’s well, I think, in Vulpe’s world.

I hope you all had a super weekend!


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