Hoochy Mince Pies (And A Stolen Tea Loaf)

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We’re really getting into the Christmas mood around here, folks. Tree’s up, stockings are hung by the chimney with care, and we sure have hopes that Santa Paws soon will be there (here)…..


If you ignore the fact that Vulpe is a CANINE SOCIOPATH, she’s actually a super good dog ❤

How about some tree highlights? It’s all gone a bit Wilko Nature’s Noel this year (a range I am obsessed with, as one of my colleagues put it: “stags and sticks and shit”). AND OF COURSE, PIRATE SANTA RIDES AGAIN……..

But enough of all that. What about the mince pies? Well, here’s a confession: I was never fond of mince pies as a child. Something, perhaps, about the paradoxical nature of its name. Mince? In a pie? For PUDDING? I never really understood. And I’m still not tremendously fond of too much filling, so I tend to make these l’il mince pie tarts.

As it happened, I had a whole lot of rum-soaked fruit leftover from my Christmas cake prep, and so I decided to mix a jar of mincemeat with the remainder of my fruit, the grated rind of two oranges, and also their juice. I confess to receiving significant assistance from Jus-Rol in the making of these……

And even after my mince pie adventures, it turned out that I STILL had some rum-soaked fruit left to use. I was definitely hoping this would be the case because I’ve been eyeing up Caroline’s winter spiced tea loaf recipe over on Tea & Sympatico. I love the way Caroline has featured the recipe on her Christmas cards, and I can confirm that it’s yummy and would be delicious at any time of year.

I gave the brandy a miss because my fruit was already super hoochy, and I added the juice of an orange instead. I didn’t have any almonds in the cupboard but I’m sure this would be double yum with almonds on top.

Brb need to have cake for breakfast…….


I spent a long time adding to mine yesterday and you are all welcome to share! Feat: Sufjan Stevens, Dolly Parton, Low, Johnny Cash, Neil Halstead, WHAM, Bright Eyes, Flaming Lips, Mogwai, and MORE…….. (you need to shuffle this beast, there’s 6+ hours of music on here)


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