Cats, and Hardly Any Food At All

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Hey you guyz. I am, as Morrissey once crooned, still ill. My GP practice continues to compete for the Worst GP 2015 award (looking to be a very strong contender so far), and tests are ongoing. In addition to the ~gastrointestinal~ issues (the full diagnosis of which has so far involved zero dignity, and won’t any time soon) have been complemented by a whole other issue picked up via blood tests which needs further and separate investigation. Bonus ill, woohoo!

So my appetite has not been huge and I’ve not been eating anything all that exciting. I spent last weekend with my #1 ❀ down in Bristol, and the fact I wasn’t gorging on vegan pizza/cake/etc is pretty devastating. Still, the bestest boyfriend in the world took super good care of me, tucking me under a blankie and bringing me tea and sushi.

I spent a lot of the weekend taking photos of cats and making them hilarious. Behold……..

Meanwhile, my quest for perfect gastrointestinal health continues. I’m merrily supplementing my meagre diet with cold pressed flaxseed oil, l-glutamine, aloe vera, probiotics…… Look at this, I even purchased SEEDS and turmeric ROOT.

I’m going to try and make some chia pudding/porridge that doesn’t look like frogspawn. Please wish me luck :/

In stitching news, I got an inappropriate amount of pleasure out of starting to fill my new floss box, and I also started on Christmas stitching and don’t even care.

I sure hope you’re all having a more exciting time of it than me lately, culinarily speaking!


8 thoughts on “Cats, and Hardly Any Food At All

    1. Thanks Emma I hope so too! Hopefully now I have the referral the hospital will move more quickly πŸ™‚

      These are my boyfriend’s sister’s cats, but they are awful cute!


    1. Thanks Julie – I haven’t made it yet because I keep forgetting to get them ready for bedtime, d’oh! Overnight chia/oats doesn’t work so well if you don’t do it overnight….. I will definitely give it a go soon πŸ™‚


  1. So sorry to read you're having health issues. Hope you get somewhere with it soon. Waiting for results is rubbish, specially when they drag on. The cross stitching looks great, it's something I've never tried but always liked the look of.


    1. Thanks Caroline, it is a bit rubbish but I’m hoping things will start to move a bit more quickly now. I’ll be good as new by the time they’ve finished with me πŸ™‚

      If you fancy giving cross stitch a go we have a monthly hangout in Ziferblat on the first Sunday of each month. We have all the ~accoutrements~ available for anyone who just wants to try it without buying all the stuff πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks, I hope so too – they can rebuild me! My partner is the absolute best and takes proper good care of me. I shouldn’t get too accustomed to sitting under a blanket and having everything delivered to me πŸ™‚


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