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Oh hey guess what I still have the most beautiful poochums in the world.

Hey you guysssssss. Urghhhh I am such a poor specimen of blogger the past few months/years/forever. I will be honest: my mental health has taken a pretty mammoth dive in recent times. It’s always been a bit wobbly and unreliable, but the last months have been a bit more intense FOR NO APPARENT REASON which is always super, of course. My GP, in collaboration with the local mental health pathway folks, is continuing his brave attempts to turn me into a Normal Grownup. Progress is slow, but I might even make it to semi-normal sometime soon!

For me, one symptom of such lows is a complete loss of interest in cooking, which I love to do ALMOST as much as I love eating. I generally tend to live off toast and donuts when struggling to maintain normality, and I fear such a diet plan is not the best advert for veganism……

However, I have managed to eat a few nice things, do a few fun things, and though a part of me thinks this attempt to keep my silly ol’ blog limping on is pointless……eh, it seems a shame to stop after so long………..

Additionally, I’ve been pretty sore-of-tummy just lately and the doctor suspects ulcer(s) (all manner of undignified/indelicate tests are ongoing). That’s just DOUBLE SUPER of course, but on the plus side I am having to think a lot more carefully about what I’m eating so I might even end up crafting some tasty and delicious foods over the next weeks.

So, all in all, I am definitely not MOFO-ing this year. I failed disastrously the last couple of years. You should totally check out my friend Emil’s blog though; he is making waffles EVERY SINGLE DAY *and* sticking to the daily themes. As per last year, a total trooper.

I hope y’all enjoy the MOFO this year anyway. Maybe one day I’ll actually be ready AND able to join in without failing completely!

Random pictures of Food And Stuff………….


2 thoughts on “No MOFO

  1. I'm sorry to hear you're going through a hard time. It's great that you're keeping the blog going, I love reading your updates. The tofu looks scrumptious, helping take care of donkeys sounds amazing, and you are inspiring me to get back into cross-stitch, which I haven't done for years. Keep doing the things that make you happy!


    1. Aw thank you! Cross stitch definitely keeps me sane at the moment; if you are getting back into it and don’t have any supplies, I LOVE the Geeky Little Stitcher boxes on Etsy – you get the pattern, supplies, and other cute goodies. My poor family are likely to be receiving 100% embroidered Christmas gifts this year! 🙂


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