On Fried Rice and New Beginnings

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Well, Vegan MOFO must have some cosmic significance in my life because once again, Vulpe and I will be moving house during Vegan MOFO month.

The arrangements are slightly different this time as we’ll be moving at the very end of the month, and therefore I should be able to get some good MOFOing in before the madness gradually descends…

SO unfortunately relations between me and my letting agency/landlord soured pretty badly in recent weeks and I decided it would be best to find a landlord I can trust and a property I can settle in for the next couple of years at least, which is the duration of the MA I am beginning in September. There’s a tremendous free ad listing service where I work and I’d posted a plea seeking a private landlord letting a property within my budget happy to accommodate pets. Within 24 hours, a colleague from elsewhere within the organisation had emailed me about a 2 bed house she and her family were soon due to vacate. I went to see the house the following day and it is PERFECT for Vulpe and Miaowski and me. Check out this humungous garden, perfect for a doggy to romp in, and for me to grow some vegetables (DREAM):

(I feel there’s a gap in the market for gardeners to provide a 2 hour-ish session to owners of big gardens who have little gardening experience on how to not fluff it all up completely…..)

There’s also a spare bedroom that’ll make a perfect study room. The lovely owners are leaving a large desk behind and I scored a perfect office chair off eBay for £3.60. WINNER!

So we’ll be uprooting again in about 6 weeks, but I have hope that it’ll be a good move, and we’ll all be very happy there for a couple of years at least.


So I’ve self-imposed a Chinese takeaway ban in order to save money, and therefore headed to the Chinese supermarket to stock up on tofu and some other goodies. Tonight I cooked up a teriyaki tofu stir fry and attempted to make some ‘egg’ fried rice. Hey, I didn’t do too bad!

I lightly fried some pre-cooked silken tofu in a little olive oil, salt and pepper. I added a pinch of turmeric and black salt and some frozen garden peas. After a few minutes I threw in some cooked rice, and mixed well.

I’ve not eaten egg fried rice in at least 6 years and I’m sure using the Vegg would probably feel a little more authentic, but this certainly did the trick for tonight.

If I manage to get through Vegan MOFO successfully while preparing to move house and beginning a Masters degree it’ll be some kind of MIRACLE.


5 thoughts on “On Fried Rice and New Beginnings

  1. Sorry you've got to go through the upheaval of a move but really pleased to see you've found such a great house. The garden looks fab! I've just moved to somewhere with a back yard after living in a flat for years. I'm starting off slowly with growing things with a few herbs and tomatoes but can see it getting addictive!


  2. Yay! You've found the dream home! Fantastic garden it looks massive! Way bigger than my little back yard but I've managed to grow a whole heap of veg this year. Good luck with the move and I look forward to reading your vegan mofo posts :o)


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