On Imminent Homelessness, Plants, Vegan Knitting and No Food At All

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Well now, what an interesting week it’s been. I continue to be somewhat under attack from the letting agents from HELL who are effectively threatening me with eviction if I don’t remove a negative Google review of their services. Nice! I did spend an hour or so blubbing to my Mother yesterday, which is tremendously mature behaviour for a 33 year old, obviously.

I’m beginning to wonder if signing up to Vegan MOFO is a bit of a cursed endeavour for me but nevertheless, I will not be stopped. Eh, I spend most of my life making mistakes, so why not!

I’m still quite keen on the idea of a vegan knitting theme this year. I ordered some lovely chunky acrylic yarns recently (including those above) and I’m attempting to make a little wee doggy jumper at the moment….


I have a couple of other small projects I’d like to get through during Vegan MOFO month and I’m also on a quest to discover some other nice non-animal yarns.

In other thrilling garden news, my flowers are on the very CUSP of actually flowering…

I was planning to set up my raised bed this weekend and get some veg planted, but since Vulpe and Miaowski and me might be getting kicked out of our little Whalley Range refuge one day soon, I thought I’d better wait.

Vulpe and Miaowski were as unhelpful as usual while I was seeing to the garden today….they seem to be in cahoots about something…..

And my tomato plant continues to expand and continues to offer NO TOMATOES WHATSOEVER….

Vegan MOFO should be interesting this year, but whether I manage it or not, I should at least know whether we all have to up sticks and move house again by the end of it. At least Vulpe’s keeping a brave face….


8 thoughts on “On Imminent Homelessness, Plants, Vegan Knitting and No Food At All

  1. Thanks Julie! I guess we'll know what the future holds in the next couple of weeks or so. Renting is no fun :/ I'll be doing plenty of knitting to take my mind off it though 🙂


  2. Ugh, your agents sound like the worst! What the hell?! I'm excited you're going to give MoFo a go, I love reading your posts and I'm excited about your theme. I'm also excited about that mermaidy pastel coloured acrylic yarn – I can't knit at all but I totally want to wear things made from it!!


  3. Thanks Caroline! Easy (and small) patterns are much appreciated 🙂

    My letting agents haven't issued a proper eviction notice (yet) but I think we'll be moving soon anyway as I don't really trust them anymore :/


  4. Aw thanks Jo – yeh, it's been awful but I think we are looking to move soon. I'm going down the private landlord route this time and having a proper, open dialogue with them beforehand! We have a couple of months to find the right place with a nice big garden for Vulpe 🙂

    I'm hoping to make something ace from that pastel yarn, maybe a hat. If it doesn't look completely awful I'll send it to you 😀


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