Rain, rain and comfort food…

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Vulpe and me got caught in a pretty impressive rain storm yesterday. It was lovely and dry when I left the house in a flimsy coat and some equally flimsy canvas pumps, and Vulpe wasn’t wearing her coat at all. When we were at the furthest possible point from the flat, the skies opened and we got a proper good soaking…. The poor pooch had only just dried off from her weekly bath earlier that morning and was NOT impressed. When we got back, I snuggled her up on the settee in a warm towel and she recovered pretty quickly….

But that set the tone for the weekend, and comfort food was needed. Today I ventured to the tremendous V Revolution and stuffed a vanilla milkshake, mac & cheezeburger and peach bakewell + ice cream down my gob.

I narrowly missed another downpour on the way home, but it’s good n’ raining outside now and for dinner I huddled up with some homemade leek and potato soup, and a grilled cheeze sandwich (featuring my new favourite vegan cheese, Violife)

I love being warm and cosy inside when it’s wet and windy outside ❤


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