Fried ‘egg’ sarnie (and Jaws)

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Does Jaws count as horror? Well it does for now at least…. This was finally released on blu-ray and I got myself another pre-owned blu-ray bargain. Because I love Jaws SO MUCH I am going to write about Jaws first and food second….
Remember when Steven Spielberg was really really good at making films? I do….. Whether he was just lucky with his actors I don’t know, but I’ve never seen films with such ridiculous plots whose characters are so real…. (see also: Poltergeist).

My number one favourite scene has to be Quint’s amezzling Indianapolis speech…

(I found out today that Robert Shaw was born in a town about 18 miles from where I’m sitting as I type this, and lived out his final years in a town in the West of Ireland that I’ve visited a few times.)

I doubt very much there’s ANYONE IN THE WORLD who hasn’t seen Jaws at least once, but on the off chance there is, I won’t put up a spoiler, but Chief Brody’s “Smile you sonofabith” moment is another of my favourites.

Jaws is definitely in my top 10 films of all time. Don’t make me think of the rest right now though…. (Incidentally, have any of you ever read the Jaws novel? It’s very different from the film. And for once, I much preferred the cinematic vision…..)

OK SO! In the hours before my thrilling Jaws viewing I had a bit of a breakfast sandwich craving. I thinly sliced tofu and fried in a little olive oil, turmeric, black salt (a teeny amount), and salt and pepper….

I also managed to get a bit more unpacking/tidying done yesterday (um, yes, I did move like 3 weeks ago but I am a very lazy person…….) Anyway, Vulpe’s amazing portrait by the wonderful Lili Chin is up in the wall now 🙂


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