Vegan MOFO Internet disaster….

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You guyz, I am tapping this into my iPhone Blogger app with the desperation of someone who must continue with Vegan MOFO at all costs! My Internet installation has been put back to October (*wail*) and while I was previously using a paid hotspot wi-fi connection, it has been dead for the past 2 days while my food pictures lie in wait!

For now I’ll mention a lovely dinner my friend Aleks made for me on Friday night while I knocked back the fizzy pink wine. I was the only vegan at the dinner table, but we had bruschetta and tofu wiener pasta…. Obvs Vulpe was there to oversee things…




No horror film was involved, but Aleks made us all watch a Michael Buble video…does that count?


10 thoughts on “Vegan MOFO Internet disaster….

  1. Nothing like the pitter patter of dog-child feet in the kitchen. What a cutie! 🙂 And I can't believe you're managing all this without internet, you are so hard core!


  2. Aww I know, she usually comes in to keep me company, though in my new flat she can see me from the sofa, so she usually just relaxes there while I'm cooking away 🙂


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