Fry’s Schnitzels (and The Devil Rides Out)

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I really will align myself with the official Vegan MOFO themes at some point and do a mac & cheese on a Monday. Last night was a very lazy dinner night though…. This is more of a retro dinner since it’s similar to the amazing turkey burger n’ mash type meals my friend’s Mum used to make for me when I went round for tea. As you can see, I was getting classy in the kitchen when I prepared this…..

I’m still working my way through the massive pile of locally grown veg I have, so this features local spuds and corn.

I also gave my oven the cake test for the first time on Sunday. It was a little uneven, but these choc chip muffins came out pretty ok nonetheless…

Last night I watched my #1 favourite Hammer Horror film: The Devil Rides Out. Being based on a novel by the splendid Dennis Wheatley, it makes for a refreshingly not boob/blood filled Hammer production.

Christopher Lee plays The Good Guy for once, and quintessential campy bad guy Charles Gray does a tremendous job as leader of a devil worshipping cult that has to have fully clothed orgies because the BBFC wouldn’t let them take their clothes off….

And for Vulpe’s customary appearance, she would like to demonstrate how we should all wrap up warm now Autumn seems to have arrived in Manchester…


9 thoughts on “Fry’s Schnitzels (and The Devil Rides Out)

  1. Thanks Caroline – all settled in now (apart from a couple more boxes to unpack). The scarf belongs to a teddy my Nana knitted for me when I was little, but it seems to fit Vulpe pretty well 😀


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