First Time Ever Sushi (and The Fog)

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Easy vegan sushi Spice Box of Earth

I had a fairly major Vegan MOFO fail yesterday…. My lovely friend Vicki came over for dinner and to see my new flat. She brought me beautiful flowers….look!

Now, Vicki is a bit of a trooper. I thought I was mad for deciding to take part in Vegan MOFO, what with having just moved house and not having proper internet access yet. But Vicki is making srsly yum looking grub every day and is due to give birth to her first baby on 20th September (though I suspect he may make an appearance sooner….) Come on now folks, is that commitment to Vegan MOFO or WOT? Check out her blog here:

Anyhow. I made a yummy sausage casserole with roast potatoes and ghetto garlic bread for us last night. And then I forgot to take photos of it. Chump. So tonight I decided I really had to make up for it. So that’s how I ended up making my first EVER sushi attempt…..and I did pretty alright!

So I was feeling proud of my effort, and decided to treat myself to a real old favourite of mine: The Fog. I have this on blu-ray, and you can’t beat a bit of old John Carpenter in HD.

I have a soft spot for this film; I first watched it when I was pretty young. It was on late one Saturday night and I recorded it onto VHS. My Mum had a habit of staying in bed pretty much all day Sunday sometimes, reading the papers, drinking tea and generally not doing much (my Step Dad was around too – it wasn’t as bad as it sounds!) Anyway, I was too scared to watch the film on my own so I camped out in my Mum’s bed with her and we watched it together on Sunday morning. That was just about the only way I could manage to get through it at the time…..

It’s a proper good old fashioned ghost story, though, and I think they’re always effective if they’re done well. John Carpenter used to be jolly good at making films once upon a time, so it is.

My favourite scene by a country mile is the opening of the film, where Old Mr Machen (I’ve decided this is a reference to Arthur, and won’t be convinced otherwise) pretty much lays out the plot of the whole film for whoever cares to give his campfire story enough attention….. The timing of the video on YouTube gives away the major incontinuity of the story not lasting 5 minutes, but OH WELL! I love it.

Fun fact: The Fog is one of only two films in which Janet Leigh (of Psycho fame) appears with her daughter, Jamie Lee Curtis.

Bonus shot: guess who ate my leftover sushi rice?


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