Mushroom & Spinach Curry (and Dawn of the Dead)

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OK SO. Obviously I was wrong in the head to sign up to Vegan MOFO this year. But by thunder I’m not about to let little things like moving house and not having any internet access stop me from participating. NO SIR. I accidentally stumbled upon a totally amazing theme the other day when I spent a melancholy afternoon eating macaroni cheese and watching horror films in bed. Vegan food and horror films you guyz! If anyone else is doing this theme I will be very impressed. And devastated. Surely I’m the only one?

This madness is not going to stop me from Vegan MOFOing..

So I’ve blogged previously about Prashad, my veggie Indian recipe book. I just got all my kitchen accoutrements back yesterday and had some greens to use up from my veg box, so this was my plan for tonight….



ROMERO AND CURRY. Someone reminded me about Day of the Dead recently so I dug out my trusty Box of the Dead.



I’m feeling a little bit proud of myself for cooking a proper dinner tonight. I ‘unpacked’ the kitchen as soon as I got home from work. First things first! Beer, curry and zombies is a pretty decent way to spend a Tuesday evening, right? If you ask me, you can’t beat the original Night of the Living Dead when it comes to Romero zombie flicks (and zombie flicks in general), but I have a feeling I’ll come back to that…. I wrote my undergraduate dissertation about horror cinema so I am pretty confident I’m not going to run out of ideas. You lucky lot!

Favourite scene…..CONTAINS SWEAR WORDS.


16 thoughts on “Mushroom & Spinach Curry (and Dawn of the Dead)

  1. I've just discovered your blog and love it already! The curry looks delicious, but I'm a total scaredy-cat when it comes to films (and pretty much everything else!). I hate feeling afraid, it baffles me that people enjoy that sensation.


  2. Aw thank you! I don't enjoy feeling afraid either, but these days horror films rarely frighten me – in fact, I'm usually pretty impressed if they manage to 🙂


  3. That curry looks so good, but I can't watch horror films! I'm too much of a scaredy cat, I hide behind cushions whenever hubby wants to watch one and then I choose to do chores instead coz even the music scares me!!!! I'm a wuss 🙂


  4. YESSS! Perfect theme. I love vegan food and LOVE LOVE LOVE horror films, especially anything zombie related. While I love a classic Romero film, I gotta say that 28 Days Later is my all time favorite “zombie” film. I know it's not technically zombies but they are zombie-like and it has that whole post apocalyptic feel that I do love so much.


  5. Ahhhh yep I love kale or greens in a curry – such a good sneaky way to get your iron, etc, if you don't particularly like them just 'on the side'. I had loads in my veg box so it was a good excuse to use them up 🙂

    Oh, and you can't go wrong with a bit of dodgy horror!


  6. Ohhh yes I do like post-apocalyptic landscape movies too! I thought 28 Days Later was clever, but I have a special place in my heart for Romero 🙂 Also, in the original Night of the Living Dead -arguably the first modern zombie film as we know them- the word 'zombie' isn't mentioned once, so maybe they aren't proper zombies either 🙂


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