Noodles n’ Trees?

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Ohhhh dear readers, I must confess that I have been behaving like a bit of a piggy pig pig these past few……..months. Sadly the pounds have piled on somewhat in recent times and I’m beginning to note the snugness of the trousers, the undeniable rotundness of the belly. At times like these, I reach for my precious healthy eating vegan tome, Appetite for Reduction. I daresay I will be referring to this valuable volume a lot in the weeks to come, since my expanding waistline does urgently need to be addressed.

Here is the always wonderful mac n’ trees, which employs a much healthier and added-fat-free version of the vegan ‘cheese’ sauces. I opted for brown rice noodles, hence ruining the delightfully clever naming at work here, but boy was it tasty. I actually used my fingers to scrape the remaining sauce out of the bowl. Don’t judge.


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