Superdrug – a friend to vegans!

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Dear readers, let us file this rather amateur iPhone shot under “vegan lifestyle”.

This tremendous lot is entirely vegan – here we have bubble bath, toothpaste, heat defense spray, vitamin e facial scrub, vitamin e moisturiser, deodorant, hand cream, a Barry M mascara and a ‘Skin Perfecting Day Cream’ that promises to make me look nothing short of PERFECT in the face. This little lot set me back around £24, which I’m sure you’ll all agree is rather reasonable for a ‘stocking up’ haul. All these products are marked as suitable for vegans and BUAV approved (apart from the mascara which I had to check online).

There are some really wonderful vegan-friendly toiletries/makeup out there (e.g. Lush) but I find that if you’re on more of a budget, Superdrug’s vegan labelled products are a much more realistic day to day option.


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